Who is Global Teams?

Pat Burns Gatewood

Oct 28, 1957 - Feb 6, 2016

In Memorial
A good number of you will by now have heard of the news that a dear sister in Jesus, Pat Burns (more recently, Pat Gatewood), entered the Presence and Life and Radiance of Jesus this past Saturday. We were in the midst of this devastating news just as our last Global Teams International Update went out.  READ MORE...

Upcoming Events

Costa Rica – On Feb 9, one of the GT Mexico members will be in Costa Rica to work with the Costa Rican team that is reaching the Cabecares people.

February 20 – Carmen, our Honduras country coordinator, will be meeting with Honduran Horizons “graduates” to discern who will be appointed as field partners, including more to work among the Lemkas peoples, one of the people groups we are reaching there.


Feb 15-19 - Partner Care “Time Apart” Retreat in Malawi (a key element in how we continue to support and encourage our field partners).


Feb 21-27 - Horizons training in Zambia, our newest Africa base.


Feb 27-Mar 2 - KV “What’s in Your Hand” small business development training in Zambia.

February: Our KV Director in Hilton Head to train future trainers of small business development.


Global Teams International (GT) was founded as a Christian missionary agency in 1983. In the year 2000, it became clear that our particular calling is to work with people groups who have not yet been reached with the Gospel (unreached people groups). This would be accomplished through multi-national teams as increasing numbers of believers from Africa, Latin America, and Asia joined GT as missionaries.

Global Teams has grown to be 19 worldwide bases which are training and sending 400 missionaries from 25 nations to work within 149 unreached people groups where 35 self-propagating Movements to Christ have emerged among Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and others. In just two of these Movements, Global Teams has access to 1/3 of the world’s Muslim population. The vision of Global Teams “to see the heart of Christ in the skin of every culture,” is rooted in Biblical truth as found in John 1:14: “The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood.” As a result of this approach, we see Movements to Christ emerging in forms and expressions that fit the culture of the people and enable the Gospel to flow and spread like yeast in the dough.

Missionary Sending Bases:

Africa, Asia, North America, Latin America

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Working Within the Culture

Global Teams reaches people for Christ right where we find them. God ordained the nations into which all people are born, therefore we honor folks and learn how they think, live, work and play. Knowing that God goes in front of us to all people, we look and listen for how He is already at work and follow the Holy Spirit, building trust and earning the privilege of extending the Gospel of Christ to them.

Global Teams plants churches into existing family and social networks. We build upon the cornerstones of family and community for the spread of the Gospel. New believers immediately go back to their families and communities to share their faith. As whole families and communities come to Christ, existing social and family relationships are preserved and become a Movement to Christ. Like yeast in the dough, faith multiplies rapidly and the Movement quickly becomes self-sustaining. Through careful study of the Bible, a worship style is developed that will allow this Movement to Christ to continue to identify with their own culture and people group.

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