Disasters cause loss of life and livlihoodsPhoto: Shahriar Islam, AusAID, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade [CC BY 2.0]

This year’s monsoon and flood season in South Asia has been especially damaging, putting tens of thousands at risk for water-born illnesses and causing widespread food shortages. At least 600 have died in Bangladesh, and in the region where we work hundreds of thousands of people have lost their homes.  The newly planted rice fields - their source of income - have been wiped out. Over the weekend, India, Pakistan and Nepal were also hit hard and our leaders on the ground are evaluating the situation. As we prepare to respond in the region, Global Teams is providing relief in Bangladesh first in three stages


Stage 1: Life-Saving Assistance (provided with local funding)

Our local leaders on the ground mobilized quickly to address the most urgent concerns in their areas. Though poor themselves, believers raised cash and food donations, providing more than 15,000 kilograms of rice for hot meals, as well as vegetables and milk. They also transported stranded families to safe areas.

Stage 2: Clean Drinking Water (outside funding needed)

We need to buy and distribute 37,500 liters of water and 25,000 oral saline packets. This will be life-giving aid to both Muslims and believers. Simultaneously, we will be working to repair and restore damaged clean water wells and cisterns. The total cost for this phase is $8,500.

Stage 3: Facilitating Recovery (outside funding needed)

We have identified 7,500 families who have lost everything – houses, livestock, food, and belongings. In addition to immediate food relief, these families will need     seeds, seedlings and fertilizer. Following the flood, the ground will be extremely fertile, and will produce a harvest of nutritious vegetables to eat and to sell. The total cost for this phase is $18,700.

“Of course, we have many friends outside, and I’ll ask them for help. But let us start ourselves and see how much we can do.” –local Muslim-background believer

Would you come alongside Muslim-background believer friends and help them to rebuild lives?