Eid al-Fitr

Pray for Muslims as they mark the end of Ramadan

Muslims around the world will celebrate the threeday Eid al-Fitr holiday this weekend. Though the exact start date depends on the sighting of the moon, Eid will likely begin on Thursday, June 14.

Over the next few days, Muslims will celebrate the end of Ramadan by attending prayers at a local mosque or other gathering place and breaking the fast with a special feast. Most will usually dress in their best new clothes as they visit friends and family, wishing them a happy Eid.

In many countries, Muslims have a tradition of giving money and food to the poor at this time. Many will give gifts of candy or money to children, which is why this holiday is sometimes known as Sweet Eid. It is a happy, joyous occasion somewhat similar to celebrating Christmas.

If you have a Muslim friend, neighbor or coworker, make sure to greet them with a warm “Eid Mubarak” (“Blessed Eid”) and ask them how they are celebrating. Or pay them a short visit to their home, a common expression of friendship and celebration during this season.

Finally, please remember that your prayers are vital to the transformation of lives. Not just during this time, but throughout the year.

Thank you for praying!

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