Africa Area Director - Bryson

Serving: Africa      Located in: Kenya

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Serving with Global Teams Since 2002

We are currently working with an unreached people group in Kenya. Years ago when Bryson lived in Mombasa, the second largest city in Kenya, he observed followers of Jesus rubbing shoulders with people of other faiths, though they had very little in common. Bryson and his wife, Deborah, desired to reach an unreached people group with the word of God and train other Kenyans to do the same.

Says Bryson:
I am an ordained minister in the Anglican Church of Kenya. I have served in a diocese in Kenya since 1984, nine years of which I served as the principal of Bishop Hannington Institute, preparing ordinands for full-time ministry.

My Christian mission began in 1972, soon after I gave my life to Christ. My new experience in Christ changed my inner being; shaping my values, attitudes, and motives. I knew I had a vocation to fulfill; serving my Lord. I was led to a life of prayer and fasting. I became fully involved in the Christian Union at my school, including leading services and preaching. Later I had a call to serve as a full time minister in the Church, so I joined the ordained ministry. In 2002, while studying in the United States, I learned about Global Teams. I discovered that Global Teams had the same vision as I did so I joined them as a field partner. In 2007, my studies were completed and my wife and I went back to Kenya and started our ministry with an unreached people group.

God has given us a great dream. After visiting five areas, we felt led to start our ministry in one specific area. Our ministry would revolve around spiritual guidance, education, health, farming, and social welfare.

On a 1 1/4 acre piece of land that God provided, we have been able to construct buildings that serve as a primary school during the week days and a place of worship on Sundays. We have over 100 children enrolled in pre-school through 6th grade.

We have built a number of other churches in the years since and are seeing many people come to faith in Jesus Christ.

We thank God for the good quality education we are providing to these children. With your prayers and assistance, this community will be able to experience the love of Christ and lead a better life. God Bless you.