Floods and Political Unrest Bring South Asia to a Crisis Point

With the summer monsoon season, Bangladesh saw record-breaking floods that put over two-thirds of the country under water. Nepal, Northern India, and Pakistan also suffered from terrible flooding that displaced hundreds of thousands of families and attributed to over a thousand deaths and long-term food insecurity. 

Global Teams has connections to believers around South Asia that are already responding to the challenges, but they need your help. 

In Nepal, we are providing 20-kilo rice bags to some of the hardest hit families in areas that are difficult to reach and often neglected by traditional aid sources. We are also continuing to provide help to those areas already using SafeWater systems to ensure the "water medicine" is available to the greatest number possible. 

In Pakistan, relief funds are being used to purchase one tent and cooked food for one week per family at a cost of $64.

In Bangladesh we are hoping to provide some of the following items to as many as 2,000 affected families (many of whom have arrived from Myanmar):

  • Provide clothes for women and children: $10/person.  
  • Provide ‘water medicine,’ for families to have safe drinking water. One box purifies 12 liters of water. $2/box.
  • Provide baby formula: $3/7-8oz bottles.
  • Provide drinking water: $1/3-liters.
  • Provide soap to prevent water-borne diseases. $0.30/bar of soap.  

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