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The following is by José, a Global Teams field partner from Central Mexico who is working with the Cabécar, an indigenous group in Costa Rica.[...] Read More


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Un Testimonio de Vida

El siguiente es de José, un misionero de Equipos Globales del centro de México que está trabajando con Cabécar, un grupo indígena en Costa Rica.[...] Read More


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El Círculo del Silencio es un área en la parte central de México que tiene muy pocas personas con una relación directa con Jesús. Este proyecto se ha enfocado inicialmente en el estado de Aguascalientes, que es un área muy deprimida económicamente. Muchos de los esposos en esta área están ausentes de sus familias porque están trabajando en los Estados Unidos. Esto contribuye a problemas maritales y muchos otros problemas familiares, problemas que traen dolor emocional y espiritual a las mujeres y niños afectados. Su capacidad para experimentar el amor de Dios puede verse obstaculizada por sus difíciles experiencias de vida. Las necesidades más apremiantes en esta área son trabajadores adicionales para llevar las Buenas Nuevas acerca de Jesús a la gente, y para pastores, consejeros cristianos y trabajadores sociales cristianos. Se necesita ayuda en Aguascalientes para traer las soluciones de Dios a los problemas del subempleo, todo tipo de violencia, adicciones, infidelidades matrimoniales, embarazos de adolescentes, hambre y corrupción gubernamental.[...] Read More


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The Circle of Silence is an area in the central part of Mexico that has very few people with a direct relationship with Jesus. Global Teams workers in Mexico have been ministering in the state of Aguascalientes which is a very economically depressed area. Many of the husbands in this area are absent from their families because they are working in the United States. This contributes to marital problems and many other family problems, problems which bring emotional and spiritual pain to the affected women and children. Their ability to experience God’s love can be impeded by their difficult life experiences. The most pressing needs in this area are for additional workers to bring the Good News about Jesus to the people, and for pastors, Christian counselors and Christian social workers. Help is needed in Aguascalienties to bring God’s solutions to the problems of under-employment, all types of violence, addictions, marital infidelities, teen pregnancies, hunger, and government corruption.[...] Read More

Dreams Realized: New Land Purchase!

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Latin America Face to Face Meeting – Part Two

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“What does it mean to be in Global Teams?” This is what Curtis Chanda, Global Teams International Director, asked each of the country coordinators who was able to attend our recent Global Teams Latin America Face to Face meeting held in Central Mexico. “How does Global Teams different from other mission organizations?” Of course, the answers were as varied as the countries from which our country coordinators traveled.[...] Read More

Latin America Face to Face Meeting – Part One

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Leaders from several Global Teams Latin America bases convened in Central Mexico this month for brainstorming, Bible study, training, and fellowship. Keep posted for more pictures and stories from the gathering.[...] Read More

Mission Partnership in Practice

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World Refugee Day: June 20, 2019

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Today, on World Refugee Day, we reflect on the 26 million refugees around the world, forced to leave places like Syria, Iraq, Myanmar, Venezuela, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Sudan. Hearing about global unrest can make us feel hopeless and helpless, but when we narrow our focus onto individual stories, we can clearly see God’s hand at work.[...] Read More

Global Teams Board appoints Bruce Wear as Chair

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Bruce Wear, Chair
Global Teams International, Inc.

Dear fellow servants of Jesus for the sake of the least reached,[...] Read More