Delhi: The Capital City

October 31st, 2018 by

15 Days of Prayer for the Hindu World – Day Four

Delhi is an ancient city, well known for serving as a capital of the Mogul Empire, and after 1911 as the capital of the British Raj as well. New Delhi continued as the capital city of India upon its independence in 1947. The names Delhi and New Delhi are often used interchangeably. With a population of well over 29 million people, Delhi is the most populous city in India and one of the most important cities of the 21st century. The United Nations has predicted that New Delhi will become the world’s most populous city by about 2028.[...] Read More

The Waddari: Peace in Tragedy

October 30th, 2018 by

15 Days of Prayer for the Hindu World – Day 3

Shanti was 25 years old when her husband of 12 years died. She needed to work hard to feed her four children, the oldest of whom was ten. During the previous five years of her husband’s sickness, their family tried everything. They visited doctors, performed various rituals and worship ceremonies, and sought help from witch doctors. Nothing helped.[...] Read More

Varanasi, City of Light

October 29th, 2018 by

Varanasi, City of Light

15 Days of Prayer for the Hindu World – Day Two

In the light of the dawn, a man immerses himself in the Ganges River. He cups his hands and slowly lifts up the holy water towards the rising sun. Young boys of the priestly caste chant mantras in unison as they practice to become priests and worship leaders. Bells of thousands of temples, dedicated to innumerable gods, ring out. The aroma of incense ÿlls the humid, dust-laden air. Dodging holy cows, devotees walk barefoot through narrow alleys that snake through the ancient city. They bear fragrant garlands, sweets, and milk to offer in temples to Shiva, the patron god of the city. In the evening, priests worship their beloved mother goddess, the River Ganga, which flows beside the city.[...] Read More

The Charan of West India

October 28th, 2018 by

15 Days of Prayer for the Hindu World – Day One

The Charan of West India - Woman seated outdoors.[...] Read More

15 Days of Prayer for the Hindu World

October 23rd, 2018 by

Join Christians learning about and praying for the Hindu world

Global Teams will be posting a different devotional and prayer each day from October 28 – November 11.

Christians and churches worldwide will take 15 days to learn about and pray for our world’s over one billion Hindu neighbors. That time period also encompasses the significant Hindu Festival of Light (Diwali). Diwali (or Deepawali) is known as the Hindu Festival of Lights, and is one of India’s most important annual celebrations, lasting about 4-5 days. While (similar to Christmas celebrations in the Christian world) it has historical and religious roots, Indians of all stripes celebrate it by lighting and displaying rows of small oil lamps, participating in family gatherings, consuming special sweets and watching fireworks.[...] Read More