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With your help, our field partners around the world were able to create and execute many projects to connect with several unreached people groups to share God’s Word.

Without you, we would not be able to make some wives and mothers in India providers for their families. Latin America’s base would not be as big as it is today and there would not be as many believers as there are now in Malawi. Without your love and devotion to Global Teams, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish as much as we have.


Tailoring Schools Open Doors in India

The labor force in India is growing, but the labor force participation rate for women has dropped by 8 percent since 2015. It’s becoming increasingly harder for uneducated women in India to establish a career. That’s why our field partners, Guru and Veronica, in North India opened a tailoring school to teach women the necessary skills to begin a career. Our field partner, Barbara, in South India has been raising money for the equipment needed to start a sewing school for women, as well. Your gifts and prayers sent to the tailoring schools in India have opened doors for women in many ways. Not only are these women learning tailoring skills as a trade to support and feed their families, but our field partners in India are able to share the Gospel with them! They, in turn, share with their customers as they tailor their clothes….and a new movement to Christ begins.


Six Sent in Six Months from Chiapas

Our Latin America Director Orlando has worked with partners to open up a new base in Chiapas. The base opened in May with the goal of expanding the number of field partners that are trained and sent from Global Teams Latin America. Our Chiapas base has been opened for six months and we have already sent six field partners to unreached people groups. Two of the six have been sent to work with Muslims in the Middle East. As we continue to train new field partners there, we are hoping to send more to work with Muslims. Please pray for them as they are just beginning their ministry in a high-risk area to share the Gospel. These six join with the Sixty-Five Field Partners who have already been trained, equipped and sent from Latin America. Latin America is growing thanks to you!


“Today, We are the Richest People…”

Sharing the Gospel in context can be one of the biggest challenges for our field partners who don’t speak the local language. Often times, there aren’t even similar words to translate the Bible to a local language of an unreached people group. In Malawi, our field partner, Francis, was able to translate the Bible to several languages to groups of people that had not known Christ. Fatima, a woman in Malawi who practiced witchcraft, came to Christ through an audio Bible that was given to her by Francis. Fatima cannot read, but when she listened and heard God’s Word in her language for the first time, she made a decision to follow Christ. People in Malawi are coming to know God through their own language because of your contributions for audio Bibles and Bible translations. We have distributed Bibles in Yao, Chichewa, and Bemba languages in Malawi and these distributions are followed up with discipleship by our field partners. House churches are forming as these groups continue to meet, study and pray together.

Our field partners are continuing to find ways in their ministry to grow, share and enable the Gospel to reach those 2.9 billion who have yet to hear the Word of God. Together we are speaking God’s Language and growing His Kingdom.


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Global Teams equips and sends field partners from many nations to multiply disciples of Jesus within cultures least familiar with the Gospel.

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