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November 1st, 2016 by

I sit amazed that September is almost finished. We arrived in Asia late July. About nine or 10 weeks ago.

Trainings, travel, coaching, meetings, translations, language, culture, in other words: everything we came here to do.

Busy lives

And while I know some (ok, I myself included!) probably wondered how this shift might affect Global Teams and our ability to thrive, Global Teams has experienced perhaps the most dramatic growth in any single year of our history:

  • 31 sending bases….up from 23 at last count
  • 167 unreached people groups engaged…up from 165
  • 841 trained field partners engaged with the ministry of Global Teams…up from 574

Yes, we experience challenges. Yes, we are, as a team, learning new ways to adjust and adapt to being a more “virtual” International Team. But God has been faithful.

No surprise.

3 Sabbaths

However, as I thought back over the prior 9-10 weeks, I realized something recently:

Until last week, I had almost non-stop moved from one event, one trip, one training, and one gathering to another.

And I was getting thin, in every sense other than the physical!

This realization came to me while taking two full days off after an event in South Korea, partnered with our Asia Director in training 13 leaders from a large, “sensitive” country.

And I noted I was experiencing and also needing “Sabbath,” rest, a command from God. In fact, I was experiencing three Sabbaths:

Sabbath 1: Body Rest

I slept more, did less, and at times just sat and stared at the sky. My body found rented energy, it liked me better, and I liked it better too.


Sabbath 2: Soul Rest

These two days off came at the end of a chain of 8 straight “events” in which I was “on” in one way or another, and also trying to sandwich in time for my “day job” as Global Teams International Director. My soul was busy. When I wasn’t doing, I was thinking about doing.

The soul gets foggy. Like farmland, it gets over-used.

It needs time to go fallow and just sit.

My soul started liking me more. And I liked it better too. I smiled more. Joked more. Felt easy again. I was Kevin.

Sabbath 3: Spirit Rest

These two days allowed more open, un-bordered, unscheduled time to pray. By “pray” I don’t mean, necessarily, talking with God. I mean time. Just time sitting with Him. Breathing (in every sense of the word). Being. Waiting. Listening, but not striving to hear.





And then….

Sabbaths do end.

Then came six days of “work” in the Old Testament version.

I used to think of it like this:

In Sabbath you disengage from work, to engage in rest. As if “work” were the normal or the proper atmosphere to live in.

Now, I think of it the other way around:

My engagement in work and my calling is something that I do out of the core spiritual state of “being at rest”….living in Grace and carrying His yoke and burden (which He promised would be light).

So, may you have a wonderful and blessed “rest” of your day 🙂


About the Author:

Kevin and Susan have served God in a number of different areas. Kevin began working with Global Teams as a missionary in 1990. Kevin now serves as the International Director, responsible to the board for leading Global Teams, recruiting missionaries, training, and raising funds for both his own ministry and for the organization. Kevin and Susan live overseas doing ministry work with the Muslim community.

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