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As an international organization that works with many cultures, we often see how our standards of living vary in several ways. As an American, I have never had to worry about where my drinking water comes from. For our field partners in Malawi, that’s a different story.


To constantly compare cultures, it makes you grateful for the things you didn’t know you should be grateful for. Small things that seem to slip under our radar, but in other cultures, our “small things” are vital.

Even though Thanksgiving is an American holiday, the whole world can have something to be thankful for each and every day. Below is what our international Global Teams family is thankful for around the world.


Elizabeth Agumba, Kenya: “I am thankful for the mission team that God has brought together to reach out to the Turkana people.”


Ericka Otarola, Costa Rica: “We are grateful for two successful events that were a huge blessing to the Latin American team.”


Beth Amos, Florida: “I am thankful for my family at home and at work!”


Guru and Veronica Thota, India: “This year we have entered into eight new villages through medical camps and strengthened pastors ministries among non-believers. We are also thankful for reaching out to young people through electrical workshops and three people have given their lives to God.”


Sarah Kwolek, Pennsylvania: “I’m thankful to be a part of sending laborers out into the world to share Jesus with those who have never heard of him before, and I’m thankful for each of those laborers and their hearts to serve others.”


Orlando Otarola, Latin America: “I’m thankful for the wonderful time of refreshment in Mexico! But more importantly, thankful for the time with our Lord!”


Gary W, Maine:Reflecting on John 17:20-24. Too wonderful for words: 2000 years ago Jesus was praying for me, asking for me to receive the fullness of the Father’s love, even as Jesus received it from the beginning. Oh, what heights of joy, what depths of peace!”


Susan Higgins, Southeast Asia: “Thankfulness. All the obvious things: Family, Health, God’s generous provision, Opportunities to serve GT with Kevin, GT itself and all that God is doing to bring the nations into His fold. On a more heart level, I’m thankful for God’s mercy and grace that has enabled me to grow in cultivating contentment in the midst of times when I lack understanding. I still want to grow more in this area, but I see baby steps. I’m thankful for the ways God has used our house-less status to develop my dependence on Him–not just in theory but in true reality. I’m thankful to have come to the point in my walk with God that I can look back on even the most painful times in my life knowing that God was still in control even when I didn’t feel it.”


Kathie Phillips, South Carolina: “There are so many things to be thankful for – for God’s love, protection and grace during the recovery from Hurricane Matthew. Still, don’t have a place to stay, but we are not worried. God has this! Very thankful for the Spirit-led and Spirit-filled Time Apart Retreat for the LA Lead Team and the Jesus in the Qur’an training. So grateful for the indigenous group that joined us on Saturday and filled with thankfulness for their joy and testimonies! And I’m very thankful for each of our GT Lead Team and for all of our Field Partners and for all God is doing all over the globe!”


Peter Newton, Nepal: I am very thankful for God’s loving patience with me, the opportunity to minister in Nepal, and upcoming marriage to Silvia Ibanez, my new life partner.”


Julie Gildon, California: “I am Thankful for a brand new day!  Beautiful Sunshine & the love of family and friends! So thankful for the food and treats that I get to enjoy. I know that there are many out there who won’t even receive a speck of what I will receive.  May I ALWAYS remember the needs of others!”


George Pierce, Nepal: “I am amazed and thankful that the good Lord has given me the strength I need for my demanding new work as a bishop in Nepal at the age of 85.”


John and Vi Mikolaj, Nepal: “We’re thankful for God’s faithfulness in providing vision and resources to accomplish His expansion of His kingdom. Our involvement as GT field partners came during the recent global recession, but God ALWAYS has provided resources to do more than we had envisioned or planned. Though we are short-sighted, He is not, but He invites us to come along with Him anyway, and we catch glimpses of His faithfulness as we go. Thanks for your part in chronicling the story.”

Wherever you are, I hope you are thankful for the opportunities the Lord gives you each day.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Thursday 🙂

–  Global Teams


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Global Teams equips and sends field partners from many nations to multiply disciples of Jesus within cultures least familiar with the Gospel.

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