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khlI bring you greetings from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and North America as you prepare your heart to remember the birth of Jesus, the Savior of the world. Let me share a story from one of our partners living here in the U.S. It tells of a few seemingly small encounters that together, demonstrate how God weaves our lives with others around the world. This is what partnership can look like.

Our Friend Writes…

I was drawn to missions from a very young age. In 1996, while in college, I attended Urbana, a large missions conference. I was given the name of an unreached people group in a Muslim country to pray for, who for confidentiality, I will call the B people. I remember struggling to picture what it would look like to share the gospel with these nomadic sheep herders, and questioning how they would even be found if they were roaming around. We were challenged to pray that God would use us specifically to reach the group represented on our card. I prayed, but it seemed like an impossible dream on so many levels. I returned home to read books about Church-planting in Muslim countries and to try to find organizations working with the B people. Instead of moving to the mission field, I moved to California. While my dreams of serving overseas were put on hold as I got married and began raising children, my prayers for the B people did not cease.


In 2006, I took the “Perspectives on the World Christian Movement” course that caused me to again dream about my part in what God is doing around the world. Then, in 2008, I attended an annual gathering in southeast Asia of Christ-followers from Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Muslim backgrounds. Together we read and studied the Bible, experiencing the beauty and diversity of those in the Kingdom of God. My second year at this gathering, I met Adam, the man who truly was the answer to my thirteen years of prayer for the B people. Adam is a clan leader in the B tribe. Born into a Muslim family, his father sent him to live with local Christian missionaries as a boy to study English. The missionary told Adam’s father that he would also teach Adam his faith, along with English, and the father agreed. Adam put his faith in Jesus and chose to remain in his Muslim community as a disciple of Christ, one of the first in this people group. Because of his integrity, care for others, and passion to share the good news of Jesus, he found favor with the leader of his tribe. When the tribal leader was on his deathbed, he named Adam as his successor, rather than one of his own biological sons. God’s favor and anointing has been evident on Adam’s life, and he has been an integral part of one of the largest movements of Christ-followers among Muslim people worldwide. He has stayed true to the Word of God bringing honor to his people and culture. In the seven years I have known him, he has faced serious persecution including imprisonment and torture. He almost froze to death (as one of his teammates did) navigating mountains to deliver aid to earthquake victims. He loves Jesus and has committed to spend his life helping the poor and speaking out for justice.
Through the years God has opened doors for deeper partnership as Adam and I have both marveled at what God can do through a white woman and a South Asian man’s prayers! What began as praying for a people group I could not picture, has become a lifelong friendship with Adam and his family. My prayers have continued and grown into action. My husband and I have been grateful to partner with Global Teams to help Adam continue his work among the B people and so many other people groups in that region. We traveled for our first meeting with his extended family this past October. This was the culmination of twenty years of prayer, fellowship and God moving in our midst.
This kind of partnership is at the very heart of Global Teams: men and women faithfully seeking God, partnering together and extending His Kingdom here on earth.

Would you consider expanding your partnership with us today by doing a couple of things: first, by praying for one of the unreached people groups where we are presently at work; second, by sharing your financial resources with Global Teams as we seek to reach those around the world who have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ?  To give, visit our gift page at and to receive information on an unreached people group, email

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! As you retell the story of Jesus’ birth this year, pray with us for all of those hearing this same story for the first time.

– Kevin Higgins

International Director


About the Author:

Kevin and Susan have served God in a number of different areas. Kevin began working with Global Teams as a missionary in 1990. Kevin now serves as the International Director, responsible to the board for leading Global Teams, recruiting missionaries, training, and raising funds for both his own ministry and for the organization. Kevin and Susan live overseas doing ministry work with the Muslim community.

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