Hope Found, Peace Planted

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Hope Found Shining Brightly in a South Asian Village

In this part of the world a militant brand of Islam is taught to young children in village schools called Madrasas.  As Global Teams has continued to partner in South Asia, we have begun building village schools that we call peace schools. These schools are based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and are already having an impact on their communities.

The schools we have set up are different than the Madrasas in many respects. Our curriculum is rooted in the teachings of Jesus, therefore it is focused on peace and reconciliation in the same way He is. The village itself donates the land and pays the teacher, while our local field partners provide the curriculum and assist with construction costs. Global Teams and local villages, partnering together to plant peace through the message of Jesus Christ.

The Effect of a Peace School

A short time ago, Adam, the leader in this region’s movements to Jesus, went out to a new village to meet with the leaders who want to build one of these peace schools in their hometown. There was a peace school already built in a village nearby. A group came over to see Adam from that neighboring village because they were excited about their school and wanted to greet him.

As Adam visits villages, he always brings sweets for the kids that he hands out as he goes. The culture in this particular people group is one that teaches the value of taking all you can while you can. “If it comes to you, God gave it. Take it,” this is a strong value in their cultural system. While Adam was giving out candy in this village, he noticed a young girl was picking them up and sharing.

She was not just taking candy for herself, but was also making sure the smaller kids got candy.

This behavior caught Adam completely by surprise so he asked this young girl why she was sharing.

“I learned it in my school.”

“How?” he asked.

She answered:

“It is in the teachings of Jesus, we should care for our neighbors.”

She is a student in the peace school already established in the neighboring village.

Sweet Hope!

Hearts and cultures being changed from the inside out, evidence of the bigger work God is doing in South Asia. And you are part of it. Thank you.

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