Women as Disciples

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“While the twelve were all men, women were among the 120 that prayed through to Pentecost after Jesus’ resurrection.”*

Most church planting movements we hear about are catalyzed by men, even though 50 percent of most UPGs are women in cultures where men can’t interact with them.**

The role of women in church planting movements have been overlooked in some ways. However, Director of Training for Act Beyond, Erika Parks, discusses how women are vision casters and disciples that create the kind of disciples that will go on to disciple others. She mentions Jesus’ way of discipleship that women and men can all follow:

  • Go to people’s houses rather than invite them to synagogues
  • Follow His heart and vision by obeying His word and teaching it to others on how to change lives. His process produced obedient disciples who immediately became the harvest force.
  • Jesus modeled being an outside catalyzer (a spark) who starts a disciple-reproducing fire within each town or people group. These new disciples depend completely on the Holy Spirit and His word, not on the outside catalyzer.

Jesus called on all men and women to spread the Word of God. We must go forward and see his vision through – as vision casters, as disciples, as men and women.



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