Think big, and join churches and communities to show the love of God!

July 17th, 2018 by

Churches banded together for Vacation Bible School throughout their county and throughout the world.

Welcome to Community VBS, a partnership of eight local churches committed to taking Vacation Bible School outside church walls and into the neighborhoods of Prince William County, Virginia, and around the world! At 32 home sites, kids were invited to grab their megaphones, lace up their cleats and tune up their instruments.

Children ages 4-12 discovered that God sent Jesus to rescue us because He wants everyone to join His unbeatable team. Shouts of “Gear up! Get ready! Game on!” were heard throughout the neighborhoods as music and giggles completed the Symphony of Joy for God’s Glory.

One home site shared, “On Friday as we were moving to the tunes of the worship team, the garbage men came by. We ran inside to get popsicles for them before they finished making rounds in the cul-de-sac, and one jovial guy came and danced with the music! As we sang about joy, we saw a great demonstration of it as well! What a blessing to share God’s love in the community!”
Prince William County said, “Think big, and join churches, neighborhoods, and communities to show the love of God”. God said, “Follow me, I will grow you BIG!” So, this year we will take Community VBS on the road. Pack up the gear; off we go to, Ecuador, Australia, Jamaica and Ukraine.

Gear up! Get Ready! Game on! God is calling!

Yvonne North took part in Community VBS with several churches in Virginia.

YVONNE NORTH is the Partner Care Coordinator for Global Teams North America. Although she currently resides in Virginia, she has lived and served in Central Asia and East Africa. Her extensive field experience is invaluable as she coordinates care and support for field partners located around the world.

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Global Teams equips and sends field partners from many nations to multiply disciples of Jesus within cultures least familiar with the Gospel.

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