Latin America Update Part One: Mexico and Central America

August 2nd, 2018 by
Global Teams' Costa Rican group after finishing Yeast in the Dough

Part of the group in Costa Rica who completed the Yeast in the Dough in Costa Rica. Jorge Umana, Costa Rica Coordinator, is in the back row, far left.

Be still and know that I am God. Psalms 46:10

Only by being still and resting in Him can we discover His purpose for our lives. Only in stillness can we discover all the small and big details of the plans He has for us. God is not in a rush; His work in our lives is a process. — Orlando Otarola, Latin America Director


Costa Rica

José A. is back in Costa Rica after visiting his family in Mexico and renewing his visa. He is working tirelessly alongside Daniel and Christina and other local leaders at the indigenous reservation.

The Moraga family is currently in the U.S. and is waiting for their religious visa permit. They need all of our support in prayer so that God may provide for their expenses.

The Soto Martinez family is in the process of exiting their country for a long-term trip. We believe they will be heading out later this year.

Costa Rica’s team held Yeast in the Dough for a new group of Global Teams applicants here. Costa Rica’s base keeps growing.

Central Mexico

Héctor, our Mexico coordinator, prepared with his team to be hosts at the Partner Care retreat, which was held earlier this month. This event was very especially exciting for Global Teams Latin America, since there were representatives from other bases. On another note, Héctor and his wife, Nidia, just had a baby, Héctor Jr.

South Mexico

This base has grown exponentially. Paty, our coordinator in Chiapas, worked very hard preparing her team for the trip to San Luis Potosí (Mexico’s central base) for the Partner Care retreat. In addition, Paty is following up on a field partner’s work in an Asian country. This partner, S., has completely recovered from his surgery to the point where even the doctors affirm that it’s a miracle. PTL! Victoria and Bill are also working there with lots of challenges.


After traveling to Honduras and for God’s glory, we officially named and welcomed our new coordinator, Geovanny Sierra. He has begun restructuring the Honduras team and will present Yeast in the Dough to new Global Teams applicants in Honduras. Go Jesus, Go!

The next post will feature news from Chile and Bolivia, along with an update on agricultural projects and prayer requests.


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