Mumbai: City of Dreams

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15 Days of Prayer for the Hindu World: Day 8

The British developed Mumbai (then called Bombay) as a great port city on India’s west coast.

It’s the capital of Maharashtra State, the financial capital of India, and also the home of Bollywood, India’s premiere movie production facility.

With India now the sixth wealthiest nation in the world, Mumbai maintains a strategic connection with the rest of the country. And as Hindi films continue to increase in popularity, the city’s global influence is significant as well.

Over 20 million people inhabit Mumbai, making it one of India’s most populous cities. Besides its native population of Marathas, there are also many Gujaratis from the state immediately to the north, Tamils from the south, and many other peoples from all over India who have come to Mumbai for economic opportunities.

Mumbai is also famous for B R Ambedkar (1891–1956), a hero of the Dalit people (formerly called the Untouchables). He was the first of his caste to be educated at what was then the University of Bombay (since 1996, the University of Mumbai) and went on to become the chief architect of the Indian constitution.

While there is an active Roman Catholic presence in Mumbai, and the Protestant Church has seen growth among low-caste Hindus, it will require a tremendous and intentional effort to impact this massive city for Christ. But the prize is worth it. Christians have much to win by sharing the love of Jesus through the entertainment industry and ministering to those who hold the keys to much of India’s immense wealth.

Ways to pray

  • Pray for the creatives—those who call Mumbai home and who lead the entertainment industry, including movie stars, producers, musicians, and other artists.
  • Pray for those who steward the immense wealth of Mumbai—bankers (including managers of India’s Reserve Bank, which has its headquarters in Mumbai) and those involved in business (especially the management of many large ÿrms based out of Mumbai).
  • Pray for the growing Christian movements among the tribal and Dalit peoples of Mumbai and Maharashtra, and pray that higher-caste groups would also be touched by the gospel in the same way other groups have been.

Source: Hindu World Prayer Guide.

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