Bangalore: Silicon Valley of India

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Bangalore is India's Silcon Valley15 Days of Prayer for the Hindu World: Day 10

Bangalore sits in the middle of South India. It has experienced massive growth fueled by its reputation as the first great high-tech hub in India. This growth, along with the temperate climate, has made it an attractive center for many educational institutions, including some of India’s most famous Christian institutions.

However, despite the presence of a highly educated Christian population, the gospel has made little impression on the Hindu peoples of the city or the surrounding State of Karnataka. Urbanization and modernization are breaking down many traditional caste divisions and taboos, particularly among young professionals. But this development has yet to prove useful in the spread of the gospel. Christianity is still seen as a foreign faith, and traditional methods of presenting the good news of Christ have not resonated with the life or concerns of most Hindus.

Kannada is the local language in Bangalore, but Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Hindi are all prominent as well. Its strategic location in the middle of South-central India, its deep cultural ties to the surrounding regions, and its influence over the development of information and communication technologies make it an important Gateway City in South Asia.

Ways to Pray

  1. Pray that Bangalore’s population, often a catalyst for immense change through adopting and creating new technologies, would hear and respond to the good news of Christ and use their skills and talents to share His love.
  2. Pray for the emergence of new expressions of discipleship to demonstrate the relevance of Jesus to Hindus in Bangalore and the State of Karnataka.
  3. Pray that the many students who go to Bangalore to study would encounter Christ and that there would be a powerful student movement towards Christ from this city of the future.

From 15 Days of Prayer for the Hindu World.

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