International Update – Part One

November 20th, 2018 by

Global Teams International Update November 2018

Emerging from our International Director’s first Global Teams field visit to Africa are two incredible stories. Here is the first:

“I am called to reach Muslims in Northeast Africa with the Good News of Jesus.”

Northern army tank on road in South Sudan
Magdi’s direct announcement belied the indirect, winding path he had traveled to arrive at this calling. (Magdi is a pseudonym.)

Conscription into the army during civil war in Sudan ended life as Magdi* had known it, but it was through this horror that he encountered Jesus Christ. Sharing his testimony before his commanding officer, he was miraculously discharged from the army. Upon returning to his village, he found that his father and nine of his siblings had been killed in the war. Like thousands of others, he was forced to flee with his mother and two remaining sisters to a refugee settlement in Northern Uganda. It was here that Magdi was befriended by a Global Teams’ field partner, Dr. K.

Inspired by Jesus’ own dependence on hearing from the Father, Dr. K. had been sitting outside of the refugee camp and asking God what He was doing in this crisis and to best join Him. Dr. K. shared this intention with the chief of the camp and was immediately invited to sit with him and the elders, one of whom was Magdi. Over the months that followed, God used Dr. K and fellow Ugandan disciples to bring physical and emotional healing to multiple settlements. Magdi reflected, “During that season, God dissolved all tribal animosities and religious divisions among us. Though many of us had been Christians in name, hundreds became truly born again and we became God’s people, together, unified.”

Magdi and his team have now planted over 20 congregations of disciples in multiple refugee communities. Out of the ashes of the horrors of war, the Lord brought beautiful restoration. But the Lord had even more in store for these restored saints. As Dr. K. shared the vision for the least reached, something stirred deep within Magdi – moving him to pray and fast. He became convinced that God was calling him and other healed South Sudanese to take this Good News to the millions of Muslims throughout the area.

Today, Global Teams is providing further training and encouragement to Magdi and his family as they prepare for service – hoping to arrive in early 2019. Magdi will be able to do what would be virtually impossible for a North American in residing among these Muslims. The vision of Global Teams is to see laborers released from many nations – South Sudan in this case – to many nations – including the predominately Muslim nations of this region. It is this vision of partnership that releases workers for mission beyond the edges of the Kingdom.

Give now and your gift goes twice as far. Goatherders on horseback in the mountains
Your partnership is a key part in helping us find laborers to go out to the edges of the Kingdom! And to end the year, our board has personally provided for a $60,500 matching grant so that your gifts to this work can be doubled. New or increased gifts will be doubled through December 31st. Matching funds will be used where needed most. Read more about the match.

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Global Teams equips and sends field partners from many nations to multiply disciples of Jesus within cultures least familiar with the Gospel.

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