Showers of blessing in 2018

December 28th, 2018 by

photo by Gabriele Diwald, Unsplash

by Yvonne North

As the earth turns into a new year of possibilities, I pause to reflect on the showers of blessing that have been splashed on me; and the incredible sheaves your generous hearts have harvested.

In 2018 Abba planted and harvested a garden of beautiful flowers and sumptuous fruit. His hand cultivated in hearts of His children a desire to call others to come and enjoy a picnic in His garden. He provided funding for three of these children from North America to go to other parts of His globe as field partners to extend an invitation to the picnic.

Our Creator built shelters in the garden to protect and support His field workers. Four new field partner care givers have been trained and welcomed into the Global Teams family to walk alongside the field partners as they weather the storms of field life.

Our Father the Vine Dresser has transplanted mature fruit into different parts of the garden to pollinate, nurture and bring about hardy and more beautiful flora. A new International Director, Board Members, and Field Partner Care Coordinator bring forth new fruit to the harvest.

Our Shepherd gently took our hands and led us step by step through the garden labyrinth of end of life legalities for the final Home Going of a beloved field partner.

Our Prince of Peace tilled and laid fallow soil for the rest and restoration of several of His children through Time Away retreats and furloughs.

My Great Provider has given to me the generous harvest of a home, a trustworthy vehicle, and a friends and family that support and bless me.

Showers and tempests come into all our lives, but with each rain drop is the promise of a rainbow; Gods promise that He is and always will be a whisper away. Thank-you for giving me one more year filled with showers of blessing.

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Global Teams equips and sends field partners from many nations to multiply disciples of Jesus within cultures least familiar with the Gospel.

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