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March 22 is World Water Day.

Praise God that this mom, Lakshmi, and her family have food to eat today, but she is anxious for their future. Her husband does seasonal work in India until May, when it is time to prepare paddy fields in Nepal. She hopes he finds work before their food is gone.

Their family is considered sukumbasi – landless people – because they cannot prove Nepali citizenship. Without citizenship, they cannot register to buy land, and they cannot receive government services – water, electricity, or schooling for their children.

Their village are all sukumbasi and are not included in the government census. The government census reports that 95% of the population has access to improved water. However, Lakshmi’s village of 200 only has 3 shallow handpump wells, and 1 out of 7 children under 5 years old drinking the water have diarrhea. Sanitation is also poor. The government census also says that 1 out of 10 lacks sanitation facilities; yet in Lakshmi’s village the ratio is 1 out of 2.

In January, trained Global Teams’ safe water operators began treating the drinking water for some of the residents in her village. Later, they will help them improve household hygiene practices; with each interaction being an opportunity for Lakshmi and her community to see and hear the love of Jesus.

Global Teams International, Inc. has water projects in Nepal, India, Kenya and Malawi. We are grateful to you who are currently partnering with us in making a change for the better in her village. But the need is great, and we are asking all who want to see the love of Christ flow through safe drinking water to join us in supporting and celebrating World Water Day, March 22, 2019.

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Global Teams equips and sends field partners from many nations to multiply disciples of Jesus within cultures least familiar with the Gospel.

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