News from Global Teams Latin America – Part One

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And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus (Phil 4:19).

Orlando and Ligia Otarola

Orlando & Ligia Otarola

We have started a year that I consider different from previous ones, full of challenges and a lot of work. Most importantly, we always have the certainty that our God is at the forefront of everything we undertake in His Kingdom. In spite of the difficulties, it is beautiful to look at Him and watch Him act. As we have been sharing the situation of our vehicle, the Lord has provided $3,000 more, so we already have half of what we need to replace our old truck! Our God is faithful! –Orlando Otarola, Latin America Director


Cabecars: Our work there continues, and our brother José A. returned back to the reserve to resume his work.
The Moraga family continues their work in Minnesota and the Lord’s challenge in their lives.
The Soto Martínez family continues to prepare for their long term trip. They continue raising funds and making deputations in churches here in Latin America.
Jorge and his team continue to progress, albeit slowly, with the business and its sale.
The Costa Rica team is planning to hold a Horizons event before the end of the year.


Héctor and his family plan to move back to San Luis, Potosi. His work in the central part of Mexico continues in the development and strengthening of this base with the support of the local church. They are praying and planning for the next changes in their ministry.
Antonio, our field worker, has returned to a country in the Middle East, where he continues with his studies and in his process according to the Lord’s call!


Work in our base in southern Mexico (Chiapas), keeps growing! The baking business is growing little by little! Go, Jesus, go!
Victoria and Bill both support the local church with their counseling work and help Paty’s work. Bill continues his work as an English teacher in the jungle.
Sergio and Hilaria, our field workers, renewed their visa. PTL! Now, they are praying about their next steps, as they follow up and do God’s will!
We are planning to hold Catalyst at the second part of this year.


Geovanny Sierra, our coordinator here, needs our prayers very much. After his accident, he must have an operation and receive a prosthesis in his elbow. One of his options is travel to Cuba for surgery.
Our field workers, Carlos and Anna, continue to prepare to work in another culture. They are still working in La Ceiba. They start to raise funds for their budget.

Part Two of the update will be posted soon.

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