Prayer Focus: Night of Power

May 31st, 2019 by

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From 30 Days of Prayer guide:

“The “Night of Power” or “Night of Destiny” occurs around the 27th day of Ramadan. Why is this night so special? It is believed that acts of worship performed on this night are worth more than a thousand months of the same on other nights. Sins are more likely to be forgiven on this night and the rewards for charitable acts are expected to be significantly greater. This night is also called the Night of Destiny because some Muslims also believe that God determines the fate of each believer on this night. Whatever will happen to you and your family in the coming year is decided on this night, so that is also a motivation to make extra effort in worship and supplication.
Muslims are seeking God more intentionally on this night than any other. Pray that Jesus will reveal Himself through dreams and visions. Pray together with all those who are participating in 30 Days of Prayer around the world this year for His kingdom to come.”

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