Due to serving in security sensitive areas, some of our board members must remain anonymous. We have nine current board members serving Global Teams.

Ame Eldredge


Bruce Wear


Kathie Phillips


George Oelschig

Father of two beautiful girls, raised a Lutheran, and then spent 30 years in the Episcopal Church …Now worshipping at New Covenant Anglican Church.

Having spent his entire career in business as a corporate banker and CEO of a mid-sized company with international reach, he now sees clearly God’s plan in using that experience to serve the Kingdom.

Active in C-12 (a group of Christian CEO’s), he continues to sharpen those skills in order to really understand how to witness in the marketplace and to use business in the Mission Field to bring the Gospel to unreached people groups.

He has been witness in recent years to the power of prayer and the miraculous healing, both spiritual and physical, which is done on Earth through his involvement in the Glennon house Healing ministry in Winter Park FL.

Randy Smith (Chairman)

Randy is Lead Pastor at Faith Community Church in Northern Indiana. He and his wife Tammy have focused their time and energy into church planting, worship leading, and working as missionaries. They served nine years with Latin America Mission, most of those in Costa Rica, where they first became acquainted with Global Teams.

They were personally instrumental in helping a Costa Rican colleague, now a long term GT missionary, first get out onto the mission field. In addition to pastoring, Randy has been an occasional adjunct professor and is currently a board member of two mission organizations. He holds a Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies from Asbury Theological Seminary.

Ron Anderson


Scott Lambert

Scott is President and Co-Founder of Xcellimark, an award-winning digital marketing agency based in Orlando. Scott, along with his wife Nancy, founded the company 11 years ago and have won national and regional awards in web design, search engine optimization, advertising and digital media. They currently serve business clients in the U.S., Canada, UK and Central America. Xcellimark sponsored Global Team's website, www.global-teams.net and built Mission Java's website, www.missionjava.com.

Scott's experience spans over 30 years in management, marketing, sales, and operations for technology companies such as Xcellimark, AT&T, BellSouth, iXL, and eSchool Solutions. Scott is the former Chief Operating Officer for eSchool Solutions, a leading administrative software provider for the North American education market. Prior to joining eSchool Solutions, Scott was Director of Professional Services for iXL (now Razorfish), a global Internet Consulting company whose clients include global 2000 companies such as GE, BellSouth, and Delta Airlines. 

Scott is also well known for his product marketing and management expertise. He directed product management and marketing for BellSouth's Internet Service Provider, consumer portal, and messaging services which resulted in several patents.

Scott has a Master’s of Science in the Management of Technology from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) and a BBA from the University of Mississippi.

Scott and Nancy are members of New Covenant Church in Winter Springs, FL where they have been involved in youth group and missions. Scott has served in New Covenant's vestry. Scott has also been active in global mission efforts in Guatemala, Belize and Kenya. Nancy has been active in global mission efforts in Guatemala, Argentina, Belize, Rwanda and Kenya.

Thom Shaw

Thom Shaw is an attorney in private practice specializing in business and estate planning law. Thom and his wife Sheryl are from Florida.

In addition to Global Teams, Thom's ministries include volunteer youth work at his church, helping "widows and orphans" in his legal practice when possible, and praying for people to change their minds outside abortion clinics.

The biggest impact that Global Teams has had on Thom was in teaching him to not assume certain unreached groups cannot ever be reached and not to assume that third world countries cannot be actively involved in sending missionaries.

Tim Vellom

Tim was ordained an Episcopal priest in January, 1986, and over the years has served parishes in four different South Texas communities. Since 1999, he has officiated as the Rector of St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, a small but lively congregation in a suburb of San Antonio. He has a fervid passion for pastoring believers to greater wholeness in Christ while equipping them for service in his Name. Tim is deeply involved in the ministry of healing that the Lord has raised up at St. Matthew’s and several other congregations in the San Antonio area, and is especially focusing his learning in the area of inner healing.

Tim has been married to his wife, Ann, for many years, and their involvement with Global Teams has been energized and channeled largely through their friendship with the International Director and his wife, dating back to seminary days in the early 1980’s. Tim’s interest in seeing the Gospel in the lives of people across the world has been stirred by his eldest daughter’s call to serve the deeply wounded children of Central Africa, and by a developing partnership between the healing ministry at St. Matthew’s and the Member Care work of Global Teams.