Cost of Immediate Needs

Please Help Flood Victims in Northern Kap

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For those who are partnered in Northern Kap

Monsoon season is approaching in South Asia, and areas heavily affected by last year’s flooding are in need of relief aid to protect people from this current disaster. To date, the death toll has reached over 200 in Kap. Thousands of homes have been destroyed and more than 40 agricultural gardens have flooded, leaving a scarcity of food. Several schools have been washed away leaving children without an education.

Partnered With First Responders

Our country coordinator in the area has teamed up with a local disaster aid organization, to create a plan of action, which will keep people safe during the monsoon season. His long-term experience in this type of work is providing leadership for our field partners, as well as the agencies, to meet the immediate needs of food distribution and relief shelters for the affected communities. Together, we are making a difference!

This is how you can help

Give to this relief fund. Your gift will enable them to purchase the supplies required to meet these needs. There will be no administration fees taken out of the relief fund.

100% of your gift reaches the need in Northern Kap.