Feed your faith. Starve your fear.

The promises of God are statements of His kind intentions toward us! When we meditate on those promises, we feed our faith. What promises of God are you meditating on?  Here are some places to get started:

  • John 14:26-7, 16:33
  • I John 3:1-3, 4:16-18
  • Psalm 28

There is added power in speaking the promises of God out loud (Romans 10:10, 17). Try reciting these verses to yourself, praying them, and simply sharing them with others.

We can also choose to feed our fear - or starve it. With COVID-19 news bombarding us daily, fear and anxiety can grow to giant proportions in our hearts if we are not careful.  The Word of God is a great antidote for fear. Are there things that feed fear in you that you need to starve?

Curtis Chanda
International Director

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