Long Term Field Partner

  • Global Teams recruits, equips and sends three types of field partners.
    • Pioneers: Field partners going into new and unreached areas
    • Mobilizers: Field partners working with existing churches and organizations throughout the world to mobilize the church for reaching the unreached.
    • Member Care: Field partners who serve as field partners, but also help to care for, mentor and support existing field partners.  
  • Our recruitment process is very thorough, and we include customized and specialized training for all of our field partners. To find out more, please click here. (link to recruitment process sheet)

Short Term Teams

  • Global Teams understands the role of short term trips as crucial in the development of vision in the process of discerning a possible long term call, and in the building of relationships. We regularly organize several types of short term trips:
    • Exploration: These serve to help those who are considering long term service in a particular field and help to discern that call more accurately by spending time on location.
    • Prayer: Prayer trips serve to “break up the ground” through focused and intentional intercession. Teams are sent at the invitation of our field partners.
  • Vision Trip: Trips primarily for the purpose of facilitating relationships between field partners, partner churches and individuals from a field partners’ home country.
  • Internships
    • We welcome interns to come and learn from our leaders. We offer internships customized to suit the desires of students and to help them discern their calling.