Double Your Gift Through Our Matching Grant!

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We are pleased to announce that this year a private foundation has offered a matching grant of $75,000!

Your contribution qualifies for the match if it is an increase to your current giving, or a first time gift AND if it is given to be used where most needed. Contributions received by May 26, 2017 qualify for the match.

Thank you for partnering in this work! To give, click here.

Over 600 Field Partners from 31 Sending Bases

Over the last four years, the joint effort between Global Teams partners and the granting foundation has resulted in significant growth in several areas. Four years ago, we counted ~250 field partners sent out from 14 bases around the world. Today, we have over 600 field partners sent from 31 bases! This geographic diversity has brought the most remote people groups that much closer.

167 Unreached People Groups Now Being Reached

In the past few years, we began working in over 20 new people groups who have not previously had access to the gospel, bringing the total number of unreached people groups we work with to 167!

Numbers and statistics can never tell the whole story, but this growth trajectory has been a blessing! This matching gift will result in more field partners from more places being sent to more people groups. Our giving partners, the foundation, our field partners and our support staff make a powerful team.

Multiply Your Investment Today

Any giving increase over last year will be doubled, and used where most needed to bring the gospel to those who have not yet heard. We will continue to share stories throughout the year of how your partnership is impacting the world with Jesus.

Remember, only new or increased giving to be used where most needed is eligible for the match. Gifts must be received before May 26, 2017.

If you have any questions, please contact our North America Base at (407) 388-0855 or