Responding to COVID-19 with Generous Faith

Fear robs us not only of the peace offered to us by Jesus, but can also cripple our faith. As we mentioned in our first video, in a climate of fear, anxiety and uncertainty, it is important to feed our faith and starve our fear by meditating on the promises of God. He is not limited by the shutdown of economies nor by the travel restrictions. Our God continues to be present everywhere!

Fear can also tempt us to shrink back from generosity. We are deeply grateful for the gifts we have received on behalf of Global Teams field partners who are in need! We have made financial distributions to seven different countries so far and will send to four more by week's end. Check out the video above to hear a testimony of how one of us responded in generosity despite reduced income.

We are praying for you during this time and would be honored if you sent us your requests. Speaking of prayer, Ramadan is underway now and we invite you to join millions of Christ followers around the world in praying for Muslims. Visit the 30 Days of Prayer page on our website.

Curtis Chanda
International Director