We Send From Many Nations to Other Nations

Global Teams field partners are trained and sent from 31 bases all around the world. Training, equipping, accountability, encouragement, support and administration take place at these bases. Each one is uniquely positioned to understand and meet the needs of the field partner in relation to their home culture and language.

We Send From The Following Sending Bases


African Director Bryson

We have 9 sending bases in 8 nations in Africa. These bases are sending out 346 field partners to people groups who have yet to hear the Gospel.

Ministries include:

  • Working directly among the unreached
  • Teaching the Great Commission in their relationships
  • Seeking to find those who are called to be cross –cultural missionaries
  • Networking with Africans to equip and enable them to live out their call.
  • Caring for other missionaries

Most serve in multiple capacities but their primary ministries/platforms include:

  • Literacy and Evangelism
  • Theological Education
  • Women's Ministries
  • Orphanage Administration
  • Program Coordination
  • Pastoral Ministry

Most serve in multiple capacities but their primary ministries/platforms include:

  • Burundi – Director Manirampa Richard
    • We send 20 field partners out from this base
  • Congo– Director Elius Lipanda
    • We send 19 field partners out from here
  • Kenya – Director Elizabeth Agumba
    • We send 77 field partners out from here
  • Malawi – Director Francis Matumba
    • 130 field partners go out from Malawi.
  • Mozambique – Director Eduardo Tomas Bukutu
    • 10 Field partners from this base  
  • Rwanda – Director Eugene Rubanda
    • 15 field partners
  • Tanzania – 2 bases – Director Edgar Obel Mwamfupe North Base and Director Edgar Obel Mwamfupe South Base
    • We send 38 field partners from our two bases here.
  • Uganda – Director Henry Segawa
    • 35 Field partners from this base


Director Michael

We have 6 sending bases in 6 nations in Asia. These bases are sending out 25 field partners.

Asia is an area that gives ample scope for the full range of Global Teams' vision and mission. We are actively involved in Pioneer and Mobilization efforts, and working to develop Member Care ministry in this region. Global Teams’ Business as Mission program, Kingdom Ventures, has opened the door for outreach to local people. Here is an outline of the work of Global Teams in Asia. Due to security risks, we will not name all the individual countries where we are working.

  • South Asia – 5 sending bases  – 21 field partners
  • Central Asia – 1 sending base –1 field partner

** 3 field partners are sent out from Asia NOT from these bases.

Latin America,

Director Orlando Otarola

Global Teams has conducted training and recruitment efforts in Latin America and is partnering with several leaders to build a “bridge” for Latin Americans to reach the world with the Gospel.

We have 4 sending bases in 4 nations in Latin America.  These bases are sending out 69 field partners.

In keeping with Global Teams’ vision of raising up missionaries from many nations to go to the nations, we have been actively involved in recruiting, training, and sending out missionaries from Latin America.

  • Costa Rica – Director Alberto Orozco
    • 1 base sending 16 field partners
  • Chile – Director Benjamin Ibaca
    • 1 base with 27 field partners
  • Honduras – Director Carmen Ortiz
    • 1 base with 20 field partners
  • Mexico – Director Hector Campos
    • 1 base with 6 field partners

North America,

Director Sheryl Shaw

We have 2 sending bases in North America. These bases are sending out 24 field partners. Global Teams works in North America in many ways. We mobilize and train field partners, and our International Resource Center is in North America.

  • North America – Director Sheryl Shaw
    • 1 base – 24 field partners
  • Caribbean – Director Ruan Humphrey
    • 1 base