Join Us As a Short-Term Field Partner

Global Teams understands the role of short term mission trips to be crucial in the development of vision, in the process of discerning a possible long term call to mission, and in the building of relationships.

Global Teams regularly organizes several types of short term trips:


These trips serve to help those who are considering long term service in a particular field to discern that call more accurately by spending time on location.


These trips help to "break up the ground" through focused and intentional intercession. Teams are sent at the invitation of our missionaries and ministry partners.

Vision Tours

These trips are designed primarily for the purpose of facilitating relationships between missionaries, field partners, and partner churches and individuals from a missionary's home country.

Because our focus is on building and developing relationships through these spiritual journeys, all short term trips are worked out in close cooperation with our field missionaries and mission "projects" if done at all, take a secondary place.

For more information about getting involved in our Short Term Mission program email