Thank you for your response!

The rapid and generous response of our partners has enabled hundreds of Global Teams families to receive urgently needed food supplies in East Africa, Central Asia and South Asia. Thank you!

Response to a crisis like this needs to come from every direction, and it has. Our field partners have been sharing their resources with their neighbors knowing that every person doing their part makes a difference. In South Asia they have committed to go out and work in the fields as a testimony to the love of Christ for their Muslim communities. And still the need grows.

Governments have implemented work bans and in many places minority groups, both ethnic and religious, are not allowed to receive government aid. Your continued gifts are needed as we address these desperate situations.

We are praying for you and understand that you may be facing great difficulty and loss. As we pray for you we would also love to pray with you, so please don't hesitate to contact us.

By grace,

Curtis Chanda
International Director


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